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The Rafiki Foundation Podcast

Hosted ByKaren Elliott

Karen Elliott is the executive director of the Rafiki Foundation. Karen travels to Africa several times a year and oversees the work of the Rafiki Foundation which, through its 10 Rafiki Villages, is working toward bringing Bible study and classical Christian education to a thousand schools in Africa and beyond in the next decade. Karen believes classical Christian education should…

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Hosted ByDr. David Schenk

This show features the clear-thinking and articulate philosopher, Dr. David Schenk. After teaching philosophy at college for over twenty years, Dr. Schenk now offers his gentle but hard-hitting analysis of the classical tradition of education and philosophy as it engages contemporary culture and thought.

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Principia Podcast

Hosted ByDr. Brian Williams

Dr. Brian Williams is the dean of the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University and the editor of the Principia journal on classical education. This podcast is geared toward academics and professors wishing to explore and discuss the renewal of liberal arts education in our colleges and universities.

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The Christopher Perrin Show

Hosted ByDr. Christopher Perrin

Dr. Christopher Perrin has been a leader in the renewal of classical education in the United States for 25 years. In this podcast, he traces the renewal of the American paideia exploring the recent history of the American renaissance in light of the 2500 years that have preceded it.

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Culture Crush

Hosted ByDr. Grant Horner

COMING SOON! This podcast features Dr. Grant Horner, professor of literature and humanities at the Master’s College. Dr. Horner has a “crush” on culture–he has always loved studying culture, participating in culture, and in small ways, helping to create culture. He also believes current confusion about culture is a crushing burden bear, especially in light...

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Classical Crossroads

Hosted ByDr. Angel Parham

Dr. Angel Parham is a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia and a remarkable scholar of the black intellectual tradition. Join her as she explores the rich ways black intellectuals have contributed to American education and notes the ways classical education is beginning to once again bless and equip African Americans for leadership and service.

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Reclaiming Our Canon

Hosted ByDr. Anika Prather

Dr. Anika Prather herself, over many years, has engaged the fire and light that the classics have brought to African American throughout the history of America. She is uniquely gifted and trained to help us reclaim the canon that has been a source of liberty and humanity. As a scholar of the black intellectual tradition, she passionately argues for bringing…

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Anchored Podcast

Hosted ByJeremy Tate

Anchored is produced and offered by the Classic Learning Test. The show features CEO Jeremy Tate engaging in conversations with leading thinkers on issues at the intersection of education and culture, as well as headline news in the world of education. New discussions every Thursday. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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